White Papers

Building A Low Carbon Society (NOV 2023)

Development of 40x28 mm San Ace 40L 9LG Type High Static Pressure Long Life Cooling Fan (NOV 2023)

Development of 120x25 mm San Ace 120AD 9AD Type EC Cooling Fan (NOV 2023)

Cooling Technical Development in 2022 (MAY 2023)

140x38mm San Ace 140 9RA Type Low Noise Cooling Fan (MAY 2023)

120x38mm San Ace 120AD 9ADA Type EC Cooling Fan With Splashproof Option (MAY 2023)

40x20 and 40x28mm 9WPA Type High Performance Splashproof Fan (NOV 2022)

Cooling technology to expand into wider markets in depth (NOV 2022)

New Cooling Technologies in 2021 (May 2022)

ø136x28mm SanAce136RF 9RFA Type Reversible Flow Fan (May 2022)

60x38mm High-Static Pressure Fan 9HVA Type (May 2022)

Cooling Technology for protecting environment and people (Nov 2021)

New Product Introduction for 172 x 150 x 51 mm ACDC Fan with Splash Proof Option (Nov 2021)

Development of Low Noise Fans 60 80 92 120mm 9RA Type (Nov 2021)

New Technical Developments for Cooling Division in 2020 (May 2021)

80x80x38 mm High Static Pressure Fan San Ace 80 9HVB Type (May 2021)

40x40x56 mm High Static Pressure Counter Rotating Fan San Ace 40 9CRH Type (May 2021)

40x40x28 mm High Static Pressure Fan San Ace 40 9HVA Type (Nov 2020)

High Performance Splash Proof Fans San Ace 60W, San Ace 80W, San Ace 92W (Nov 2020)

New Cooling Technologies in accordance with market changes (Nov 2020)

New Technical Developments for Cooling Division in 2019 (May 2020)

HIgh Performance Oil Proof Fans San Ace 40WF, San Ace 60WF, San Ace 80WF, and San Ace 92WF (May 2020)

Compact and thin ø70 × 20 mm Centrifugal Fan in dense system San Ace C70 9TD type (May 2020)

Cooling Technologies to Achieve High Airflow and High Static Pressure (November 2019)

Development of San Ace Controller, an IoT Product for Remote Fan Control and Monitoring (November 2019)

IP68 Splash Proof Blower San Ace 97W 9W1B Type (November 2019)

Highlights of 2018 and New Products Introduction (May 2019)

ø225 × 99 mm Centrifugal ACDC Fan and Splash Proof Centrifugal ACDC Fan San Ace 225AD 9AD Type (May 2019)

High Static Pressure Fan San Ace 36 9HV Type (May 2019)

High Airflow Long Life Fan / High Airflow Long Life Splash Proof Fan San Ace 140L and San Ace 140W (November 2018)

High Static Pressure Long Life Counter Rotating Fan San Ace 60L 9CRLA Type (November 2018)

High Airflow Splash Proof Centrifugal Fans San Ace 225W and San Ace 221W (May 2018)

High Static Pressure Counter Rotating Fan San Ace 40 9CRH Type (May 2018)

Cooling Systems Division Technologies Offering Value in New Fields (November 2017)

High Performance Blower San Ace B97 9BMC Type (November 2017)

G Proof Fans San Ace 120GP and San Ace 172GP (November 2017)

Ø175 mm × 69 mm Centrifugal Fan “San Ace C175” 9TGA Type (May 2017)

Low Power Consumption Fan “San Ace 120” 9GA Type (May 2017)

Technology that Evolves in Line with Market Changes (November 2016)

Development of the "San Ace Airflow Tester" – A Measuring Device for System Impedance and Operating Airflow of Equipment (November 2016)

Counter Rotating Fan "San Ace 92" 9CRA type (November 2016)

High Static Pressure Fan "San Ace 60" 9HV Type (May 2016)

High Airflow, Counter Rotating Fan "San Ace 80" 9CRB Type (May 2016)

High Airflow, Large Centrifugal Fans "San Ace C225" and "San Ace C221" (November 2015)

Ø136 mm x 28 mm Thick Reversible Flow Fan "San Ace 136RF" 9RF Type (November 2015)

Low Power Consumption Fan 60 mm Sq. 10 mm Thick "San Ace 60" 9GA Type (May 2015)

Wide Temperature Range Fan "San Ace T" Series 9GT Type (May 2015)

Technology Supporting Globalization of Fans (November 2014)

High Airflow, Long Life Fan 92 mm Sq., 38 mm Thick "San Ace 92L" 9LG Type (November 2014)

High Airflow, Long Life, Splash Proof Fans "San Ace 60W","San Ace 80W","San Ace 92W" (November 2014)

Low Power Consumption Fan "San Ace 70" 9GA Type (May 2014)

Low Power Consumption, Long Life AC Fan "San Ace 120AD" 9AD Type (May 2014)

Technology Improving Fan Reliability (November 2013)

Cooling Fans Contributing to Effective Use of Power (November 2012)

Cooling Fans that Contribute to Energy Conservation Products (November 2011)

Effort to Improve the Mold Technology (November 2010)

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