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468 Amapola Avenue, Torrance, CA 90501 | TEL: (800) 905-7989

SANYO DENKI AMERICA Inc.’s Engineering Lab is located in Torrance, California. Technical services for a wider variety of applications are available domestically in the U.S.

Please contact us through your local Sales Representative for inquiries or to schedule an appointment. Our experienced application engineers provide support at SANYO DENKI AMERICA Technical Center, as well as our sales engineers in the field.

Find your local sales representative or via contact form from below button. We hope to support your project soon.


The engineering staff showed me how 3 fans, when configured correctly, would perform better in my chassis than the 4 fans I was purchasing, I got more airflow, less noise and saved money!


A lab full of fans, two Design Engineers and an acoustic chamber, what else could you ask for, thank you Sanyo Denki.


I flew in from Denver with several engineers and two of my chassis. One week later Greg Tamashiro had helped us optimize our designs and increase our airflow, he was a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable.


We brought one of Sanyo Denki’s competitors fans to their lab to find out who had the quieter fan. Sanyo Denki tested both fans in their semi-anechoic chamber right in front of us. Before you ask, Sanyo Denki fan was not only quieter but also had better sound quality.


icon Airflow tester (PQ chamber)

  • Air flow vs. Static pressure
  • Air flow vs. Current
  • Air flow vs. Power
  • Air flow vs. Speed
  • Air flow vs. Efficiency
  • System impedance curves
  • Design/System evaluation
Airflow tester (PQ chamber) Airflow tester (PQ chamber)

icon Sound proof room and sound meter

  • Voltage vs. Sound
  • Speed vs. Sound
  • PWM Duty vs. Sound
  • Sound FFT analysis
  • Available under customer’s requested condition
Sound proof room and sound meter Sound proof room and sound meter

icon Thermal chamber

Temperature related evaluation using thermal chamber

  • High and low temperature performance
  • Custom profiling of temperature curves over time
  • Power ON and OFF of fan inside chamber at required profile timing
Thermal chamber Thermal chamber

icon 3D printer

  • Manufacture and evaluate various option for customer application for better properties results (i.e. airflow, noise reduction, etc.)
  • Feedback prior to customer pre-design process
3D printer 3D printer
3D printer 3D printer

icon Vibration analyzer and FFT Analyzer

  • FFT analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Noise analysis
Vibration analyzer and FFT Analyzer Vibration analyzer and FFT Analyzer
Vibration analyzer and FFT Analyzer Vibration analyzer and FFT Analyzer

icon Oscilloscope and Others

  • Motor performance check
    Current, Speed, Waveform, Sensor signal, etc.
  • PWM performance test
  • Temperature rise of the electrical parts and winding test
Oscilloscope and Others Oscilloscope and Others
Oscilloscope and Others Oscilloscope and Others
Technical Center Support Case 01:
Design 3D models and make a comparison of performance with different grille design
Airflow tester (PQ chamber)

Sanyo Denki America Technical Center has a capability of creating various 3D Models to simulate the performance.

Based on customer’s grille design, 3D models of slightly different versions were made to compare the performance, to see which scenario brings the performance.

The PQ characteristics were improved by changing the shape of the grille, so the power, sound, etc. can be minimized for the same amount of air flow.

Technical Center Support Case 02:
Selecting the Best Fan in a System
Airflow tester (PQ chamber)

1) Measuring impedance in system.

2) Determine what airflow is required.

3) Layout airflow-static pressure curve onto system impedance.

4) Finalize different fan options.

5) Measuring vibration and sound. (Optional)

6) Additional support.

Technical Center Support Case 03:
Servo Systems - Software Support
Software support for servo customers

1) Programming support.

2) Software debug.

3) Parameter setting.

4) Support selecting the best servo product.

5) Test the customer's program using actual device.


• Basic performance check
• Battery and Inverter Replacement
• Alarm setting
• Training

SANUPS image

SANUPS site >


• Demo units for motor, drive, and controller
• Support in properly selecting a motor based on the customer’s application


Parallel link robot


ECAT driver + slider


Ethemet IP + ECAT


Articulated robot


RF2 multi axis ECAT + slider


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