SANMOTIONServo Systems

How high temperature can the stepping motor be used at?
The permissible temperature depends on the models and it described in the drawings. If the insulation of the motor is Class B, the permissible temperature for the coil is 130°C. The motor can be used if the temperature at motor surface is around 100°C or less. Since heat affects the ball bearing life, try to use the motor at lowest temperature possible.
Is there any way to reduce heat generation of stepping motor?
1) Adjust operation current if there is enough torque margin.
2) Adjust dwell time between motions.
3) Install the motor on a plate with good heat conductivity.
4) Use cooling fan.
Is it all right the motor shaft get machined?
When the shaft is machined, some impact may be felt by the ball bearings within the motor. When using servo motors, encoder might be damaged as well.
Is there any way to suppress vibration of stepping motor?
1) Use a damper.
2) Adjust the operating current if there is enough torque margin.
3) Use microstep drive.
4) Use gearhead.