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SANYO DENKI Expands Lineup of SANMOTION R AC Servo Motors
Featuring High Torque and High Response
With industry-leading acceleration and deceleration

January 10, 2019

SANYO DENKI CO., LTD. has expanded its SANMOTION R servo system lineup with the development of compact, high-response R1 AC servo motors.
The new models achieve best-in-class(1) torque performance and high efficiency, therefore improving device speed and contributing to energy savings.



  • 40 mm sq. flange models (rated output: 50, 100 W)
  • 60 mm sq. flange models (rated output: 200, 400 W)
  • 80 mm sq. flange models (rated output: 750 W)


1. Industry’s Highest Torque

Compared to conventional models, peak torque has improved by approximately 20% and maximum speed has increased by 20%(2).
By enhancing speed and torque performance, the new models can be used in a wider operating range.

2. Excellent Acceleration and Deceleration

Peak power rate has increased by up to 92% over our conventional model,(2, 3) contributing to shortening device cycle time.

3. Low Loss

Power loss has been reduced by up to 22%(2) compared to conventional models.
This lowers heat generation in devices and contributes to energy savings.

(1) Information based on our own research as of January 10, 2019, from data collected among AC servo motors with rated outputs between 30 and 750 W.

(2) Comparison made with our current SANMOTION Q servo motor: model nos. Q1AA04, Q1AA06, Q1AA07

(3) Peak power rate indicates the responsiveness of the motor.


Items Unit Specifications
Model No. R1AA04010F R1AA06040F R1AA08075F
Flange Size mm 40 × 40 60 × 60 80 × 80
Power Supply V 200
Rated Output W 100 400 750
Rated Torque N⋅m 0.318 1.27 2.39
Peak Stall Torque N⋅m 1.18 4.8 8.5
Rated Speed min-1 3000 3000 3000
Maximum Speed min-1 6000 6000 6000
Rotor Inertia ×10-4kg⋅m2 0.0242 0.203 0.719
Peak Power Rate kW/s 575 1135 1005
Length mm 103.0 121.0 133.0

PDF Catalog

English [519KB]


Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, spring forming machines

Release Date

February 1, 2019



Note: The information stated in this release is current as of January 10, 2019.
“ SANMOTION ” is a trademark of SANYO DENKI CO., LTD.

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