Motion Control Technology

Stepper and Servo Integrated Linear Actuators

High performance EtherCAT motion control with NSK Electrified Monocarrier linear actuators

NSK_Linear_Actuators Sanyo Denki has partnered with NSK to develop the pioneering Monocarrier series. NSK has seamlessly integrated their accumulated expertise with ball screws, linear guides and support bearings into a lightweight, compact single- and dual-axis actuators and combined it with highly precise Sanyo Denki stepper and servo systems. NSK has expanded their line of Monocarriers to deliver the MCE series: a preassembled and pretested motorized actuator. For our shared automation customers, the MCE Electrified Monocarrier is a turnkey solution that offers significant benefits:
› Streamline – consolidating multiple components into a single, compact and customizable part number
› Simplify – reducing design, test and installation time
› Support – dedicated collaboration, project management and technical expertise from NSK and Sanyo Denki.

Sanyo Denki Reference Material

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Stepping Driver

Stepping Motor BS1D200P10 Instruction Manual

DC Input, Multi-axis EtherCAT Servo Amplifier

DC Input, Multi-axis EtherCAT RF2K24AOHL5
Setup Software

AC input, Single-axis EtherCAT Servo Amplifier

AC Input, Single-axis EtherCAT Servo Amplifier RS3A01A2HA4
Setup Software

Motion Controller

AC Input, Single-axis EtherCAT Servo Amplifier RS3A01A2HA4
SANMOTION Motor Setup Software
Motion Controller SMC100-A
Motion Controller SMC100-B

NSK MCE and Sanyo Denki Servo Amplifiers

NSK MCE Actuators and RS3 Indexer Amplifiers