EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP Motion Controller

3-in-1 Controller: Robot Control, Motion Control, PLC Control

EtherCAT EtherNet IP Motion Controller

8 axes of servo and stepper / 4 axes of robotic motion control
Industrial network protocols: Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP
IIoT enabled with OPC-UA
Wireless adapter for motion control programming and remote condition monitoring
Analytics and diagnostics software

Equipped with the industry-trusted high-speed fieldbus protocols, SANMOTION C motion controllers are available in two configurations: a high-performance type (Model no. SMC100-A) for robotic motion and a standard type (Model no. SMC100-B) that specializes in PTP (Point-to-Point) positioning.

Easily Configure and Monitor Motion

Ethernet IP EtherCAT motion controller configuration

Demo: SCARA Robot Control - Conveyance, Packing, and Assembly

SANMOTION C S100 Motion Controller Downloads

Motion Control Applications

motion controller for assembly equipment

motion controller for coating machines

motion controller for tray loader

motion controller for scara robot