UPS Product Registration

If you register your UPS, we will provide you with battery replacement timing and other useful product support information.
UPS Information Entry Instructions

Register Your Product

Four Benefits of UPS Registration

Benefit 1Free Battery Replacement Warranty

Batteries may deteriorate faster than expected depending on the operating environment. Be sure to complete registration to qualify for our free battery replacement warranty for the first three years from the date of delivery.

Battery Replacement Warranty

3 Year UPS Warranty

UPS warranty period

Note: This benefit is limited to users in Japan.
Warranty Applicable Products: SANUPS E11B, SANUPS A11M, SANUPS A11K-Li (short-term backup models)
For detailed warranty information, refer to the warranty card included with your product.
Note: If the product is being used as a UL/CE-certified product, its battery packs must not be replaced by the customer due to UL/CE restrictions. Make sure to request a qualified service personnel to perform the replacement.

Benefit 2Battery Replacement Timing Notification*

The service life of lead-acid batteries is about 4 to 5 years at an ambient temperature of 25°C. You will receive a battery replacement timing reminder by email four years from the UPS SHIP date. This will ease any battery replacement timing worries.

*This benefit applies only to UPSs that have lead-acid batteries.

Benefit 3Software Upgrade Information Provided

Information such as UPS management software upgrades will be provided via email. You will always be updated on the latest software information.

Benefit 4Prioritized Replacement Service

If your product fails within the warranty period, we will prioritize providing you with a replacement. This can help minimize system downtime.

Register within One Month from the Date of Delivery

Register Your Product

To register, you need to provide your product information stated in your warranty card. Go to "Register Your Product" with your warranty card at hand.
UPS Information Entry Instructions