What are the battery replacement warranty and its conditions?

1. If you are based in Japan and you register your UPSs within one month from the date of delivery, you will be eligible for battery replacement free of charge for three years after the delivery.

Click User Registration / Login on the right and proceed to register your product with your warranty card at hand.

Warranty Applicable Products: SANUPS E11B, SANUPS A11M, SANUPS A11N, SANUPS E11A-Li, SANUPS E11B-Li, SANUPS A11M-Li, SANUPS A11K-Li (30-minute or longer backup models will be applicable only if the product revision is B or later.*)
* E.g.) S-A11KL502B□□□…

2. SANYO DENKI will replace eligible batteries, free of charge, only if the conditions below are met.

• Battery degradation is detected during the first three years from the date of delivery under normal use in accordance with the instruction manual. Evaluation of battery degradation will be based on battery testing.
(Even if a battery replacement warning is displayed on the LCD panel or the warning LED is illuminated, the result of the battery test shall prevail.)

3. The following cases are NOT covered by warranty, even within the warranty period.

• If the product is damaged due to improper usage or installation as described in the instruction manual, or damaged due to misuse.

• If the product damage or failure is from being dropped during transportation by the customer, from impact, or from improper handling.

• If the product is used aboard a ship, aircraft, transportation vehicle, or in another area subject to vibrations.

• If the product is operated under extraordinary conditions, such as intentional, regular deep discharging of the batteries.

• If the failure or damage is due to fire, earthquake, storm or flood, lightning, other natural disasters, pollution, salt damage, gas damage (sulfidizing gas, etc.), abnormal voltage, or use of unspecified power supplies.

• If the product has been modified or changed.

• If the product failure or damage is due to frequent cycles of battery charge and discharge.

• If the product failure or damage is due to using it in a high temperature environment.

• If the battery degradation is attributed to a factor other than the product.

• Note that replaced batteries need to be sent to the location we specify within one month after new batteries are delivered. If this is not met, the replacement battery price and shipping cost will be charged.

• If you would like battery replacement to be done by service personnel.
(30-minute or longer backup models of SANUPS A11K-Li will require battery replacement by our service personnel.)