Promotion of Health and Productivity Management

SANYO DENKI Group Health Management Declaration

SANYO DENKI group companies work together to engage in creating a workplace where our employees can maintain and promote physical and mental health and in health promotion.
Further, we contribute to society to make use of our accumulated technologies and products since its founding in the promotion of health of all employees involved in SANYO DENKI Group.

Shigeo Yamamoto
Chairperson of Health and Productivity Management Committee
Chairman of the Board & CEO

Based on the corporate philosophy of helping all people achieve happiness and working with people to make their dreams come true, the SANYO DENKI Group aim to be a company that helps every employee achieve self-fulfillment through their work and life at the company.
The SANYO DENKI Group Health Management Declaration declares that we are committed to health management across the group based on the belief that having work environment where employees work with vigor and enthusiasm and perform to the best of their abilities will result in contributing to medium- and long-term growth of SANYO DENKI Group and to society.

Specific goal based on health challenges

SANYO DENKI Group works on following goals based on the SANYO DENKI Group Health Management Declaration.

Provide a comfortable workplace and eliminate a workplace with increased risks for health

We perform stress check tests on a regular basis and provide feedback on the results of these tests.
For a workplace with increased risks for health, we work to reduce health risks through workplace improvement activities supported by health nurses.

Improvement rate in abnormal findings - 100% year over year

For employees who have abnormal findings during health checkups, we provide them with health guidance or encourage them to seek medical attention to improve their health.
We also support diet modifications by providing health-promoting menus at the staff cafeterias.

Rate of improvement in exercise habits - 100% year over year

We increase employees' opportunities to do physical exercise and encourage them to make it a habit by conducting a questionnaire on awareness of exercises and walking events.