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SANYO DENKI Develops 60 × 60 × 56 mm Counter Rotating Fan with the Highest Static Pressure and Airflow in the Industry

June 12, 2024

SANYO DENKI CO., LTD. has developed and launched the 60 × 60 × 56 mm San Ace 60 9CRH type Counter Rotating Fan that features the highest static pressure and airflow in the industry.(1) It is suitable for cooling servers and ICT equipment.

San Ace 60 Counter Rotating Fan


1. High Static Pressure

This fan achieves a maximum static pressure of 3,350 Pa, increasing by a factor of about 2.9 over our current model.(2)

2. High Airflow

The fan delivers a maximum airflow of 2.57 m3/min, achieving about a 12% increase compared to the current model.(2)

3. Contribution to SDGs

This fan uses a lead-free brass material and is RoHS Directive-compliant.(3)
Using eco-friendly resources and technologies, it is certified as an Eco Product Plus.(4)

(1) Based on our own research as of June 12, 2024, conducted among equally-sized axial DC fans on the market.

(2) Current model: 60 × 60 × 56 mm San Ace 60 9CRA type Counter Rotating Fan (model: 9CRA0612P6K001)

(3) The RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment distributed within the European Union.

(4) Eco Products are eco-friendly products designed to reduce the environmental impact of the product and its packaging materials compared to conventional products on the market. Our products are assessed over the product's life cycle against our own eco-design requirements including product size, weight, power consumption, and CO2 emissions, and those meeting our standards and higher standards qualify as Eco Products and Eco Products Plus, respectively.


Dimensions: 60 × 60 × 56 mm, Mass: 200 g

Model no. Rated
Rated speed Max. airflow Max. static pressure Sound pressure
[V] [V] [W] [min-1] [m3/min] [CFM] [Pa] [inchH2O] [dB(A)]
Inlet side Outlet side
9CRH0612P6G001 12 10.8 to 13.2 67.2 26100 26800 2.57 90.8 3350 13.4 78
9CRH0648P6G001 48 36 to 60

Expected life: 40000 hours (L10 life: 90% survival rate for continuous operation in free air at 60ºC, rated voltage)

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Servers and ICT equipment

Release Date

June 12, 2024

Projected Sales Figures

21,000 units/month



Safety Precautions

Safety Precautions

The information stated in this release is current as of June 12, 2024.
San Ace is a registered trademark of SANYO DENKI CO., LTD.