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Conditions of Use

Concerning Statements Published on this Web Site

Statements published in this Web site in respect to SANYO DENKI (THAILAND) CO., LTD.'s plans, prospects, policies, strategies, evaluation and financial estimates are not historical facts.These contents are about the company's future outlook.

Although these statements are based on the latest information available to our company, please understand that actual results are subject to change due to unpredictable economic and other effects. Our company pays the scrupulous attention on contents of all statements published on this Web site.

However, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by errors in the published statements, documents tampered by a third person or party, or malfunctions at the time of downloading data.

All Contents of this Web site is not for the purpose of soliciting investment.

Conditions of Use

This website is operated by SANYO DENKI (THAILAND) CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") or agents of the Company.
In using this website, the customer is deemed to have consented to the Conditions of Use for this website.
The Conditions of Use are subject to change. Please ensure that you check the latest version of these Conditions of Use.
This website contains links to other websites also operated by the Company.
When using these websites, customers may be required to consent to the Conditions of Use shown therein.

1, Copyrights

Provided no copyright notices or notices prohibiting reproduction are indicated for content provided on this website (text, charts and diagrams, images, and photographs, etc.), then that content can be reused, provided that it is only used for non-commercial purposes. Except in the case of the previous paragraph, this website does not license the use of copyrights, patent rights, trademarks, or any other intellectual property rights. However, in respect of particular content, when a separate set of Conditions of Use is indicated, or when that particular content relates to matters that indicate such, those Conditions of Use shall take precedence.

2, Documentation and information contained therein

The Company provides no guarantees in relation to documentation and information contained therein provided on this website. Moreover, the subject matter detailed in documentation provided on this website is subject to change without notice.

3, Certain countries where products and services are available

When documentation and the information contained therein provided on this website is indicated as being provided for a particular country, or is related to information that specifies a particular country, then this shall mean that that information is relevant to that particular country.

4, Export control

When exporting (or supplying to a non-resident) technology or programs provided on this website, or products purchased on this website, please observe "The Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law", as well as any other applicable laws.

5, Date information is posted and details of such

Information posted on this website shall be valid as at the time of posting. Please note, however, that information is subject to change at any time after it has been posted.

6, Trademarks

All company names and product names shown on this website are the trademarks or registered trademarks of the Company.