CEO Message

Shigeo Yamamoto

Dear Shareholders:

We would like to express our appreciation for your continued support and patronage.

The SANYO DENKI Group (the "Company Group") aims to provide standardized and high quality products and services to customers around the world, and has been advancing structural reforms to allow the 17 group companies across the world to serve the same functions as the Company.

Specifically, at each group company, we established technical centers to provide technological support, technological training, product customization, and after-sales service to customers across the world.

Additionally, we made it possible to procure materials in various countries around the world, realizing an expansion in the range of procurement for high-quality parts with competitive pricing.

Furthermore, we established a unified accounting system across the entire group, and at the same time established a unified personnel system that includes personnel training.

In development for new products, many competitive products were completed as planned which boast the No. 1 positions in the industry for performance, energy efficiency, and reliability.

SANYO DENKI PHILIPPINES, INC., had established its third production plant and began producing servo amplifiers this year, in addition to the manufacture of cooling fans, power supplies, stepping motors, and servo motors.

Additionally, in domestic plants, we advanced the automation and production efficiency.

However, the fall in demand owing to a deceleration in the Chinese economy was pronounced, and business results for the fiscal year under review were unfavorable.

Dividends at the end of the fiscal year under review were decided to be 9 yen per share, the same as the previous year.

Adding it to interim dividends of 9 yen per share, the annual dividends were 18 yen in total.

We look forward to your continued support.

CEO/President & COO  Shigeo Yamamoto