Notice Before Purchase

  • Please read the Instruction Manual carefully before installing, assembling, or using in order to use our products properly.
  • Regarding the following uses of our products, consult us in advance because special care is required for operation, maintenance, and management.
    • (a) Use in medical equipment that may have direct effects on human life or human body
    • (b) Use in transportation systems or transport-related equipment such as trains or elevators, that may cause damage or injuries on human body
    • (c) Use in computer systems that may have major impacts on society or on the public
    • (d) Other uses that may relate to human safety or use in devices that may have major impacts on maintaining public operations
  • For use in an environment with vibration, such as in a car or a ship, please consult us in advance.
  • Never attempt to disassemble or alter products in any way.
  • As for the installation and maintenance works of products, please consult your point of sale or properly licensed personnel.
  • Please consult us for the disposal of used storage batteries we provided.
  • Some of our products are designed for use in Japan only. Use of these products in other countries, due to different voltage range or other environmental causes, might result in smoke or fire. For use of these products outside of Japan, please consult us.
  • For the use of our PV inverters for home use where daily lives take place, please consult us.
  • Our products fall into the category of the goods specified in the Attached List 1, Item 16 of the Export Trade Control Order of Japan. To export the products individually or to export a device into which the products are assembled, the "Informed Condition" and the "Objective Condition" that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan established based on the "Catch-all Control" must be studied for applicability. Based on information on applicability and specified requirements, appropriate export procedures must be taken.
  • SANYO DENKI will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages or loss, including but not limited to equipment downtime, missed power sales revenue, business interruptions, increased power purchases, resulting from the use of or inability to use our products or services.

Note: For any inquiry or consultation regarding the above statements, please contact our sales representative.

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About the Fire Service Law and Fire Prevention Ordinance in Japan

The Fire Prevention Ordinance regulates the total battery capacity of storage batteries installed indoors. When installing the UPSs indoors, calculate the total battery capacity of the storage batteries in one location. In case that the total battery capacity exceeds 4,800 Ah·cell in one location, consult your local fire department for approval.
The UPSs can not be used as emergency power supplies for firefighting equipment defined in the Fire Service Law.