Company History

When was SANYO DENKI established?

SANYO DENKI’s predecessor, SANYO SYOKAI Co., Ltd., was founded in August 1927. The company was reorganized as a joint stock company in December 1936, and the name changed to the current SANYO DENKI Co., Ltd. in April 1942.

When was the company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?

SANYO DENKI shares were listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in September 1962, and on the First Section in March 2013.

Where can I find more information on the company?

See the Corporate Data section.

Financial Information

What is the company’s results announcement schedule?

Results are announced in late April, July, October, and January.

Where can I find the latest financial results?

See the Financial Results page or the IR Library section.

When is the General Meeting of Shareholders?

The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders is held annually in June. See the Shareholder Meetings page for details.

Does the company hold informational meetings?

Meetings can be arranged on request. Please send an inquiry from our Contacts page.

Where can I find business reports and the company’s annual report?

See the IR Library section.

Stock Information

Where are shares for the company traded?

SANYO DENKI share are traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section.

What is the trading unit?

Stock is traded in lots of 100 shares.

What is the company's stock code?

SANYO DENKI's stock code is 6516.

Where can I find stock price information?

Stock price data is available here.

Who is the shareholder registry administrator?

The administrator of the shareholder registry is Japan Securities Agents, Ltd.

Who should I contact for information on stock procedures?


What are the company's major products?

See the Product Information page.

Business Operations

Where are the company's offices in Japan?

SANYO DENKI’s headquarters, production plants and R&D facilities are located in Ueda-shi, Nagano Prefecture. We also have branch offices nationwide. See the Global Network page for details.

Where are the company's overseas locations?

SANYO DENKI has factories in the Philippines and China, with sales, purchasing offices and Technical Center worldwide. See the Global Network page for details.

Where can I find distributor information?

See the Distributor section.